Pradeep is a 19 year old with a hearing impairment. He completed his SSLC this year.

During his childhood, Pradeep lost his father and his mother had to take care of two boys as well as holding down her own job to support the family. Pradeep also has one younger brother who also has a hearing impairment.
Pradeep felt a strong duty of care to try and alleviate his mother’s burden and wanted to find employment. Pradeep and his mother approached the HELP Trust for advice and instantly they were able to offer him a place on the ITES/Retail course. Full of enthusiasm and an interest in computers, he grasped the content quickly and with ease.
Pradeep was successful in his application and was selected as a trainee at Max Fashions where is now very happy going to work everyday.
Pradeep’s mother is not only proud of her son for achieving what he has but is also entirely thankful to the HELP Trust for providing this wonderful opportunity.