Ms. Jefrina Livingda

Ms. Jefrina Livingda, Customer Support Assistant at Max fashions

Jefrina sadly lost her father during her school years leaving her mother, a private school teacher, to not only have a career but also to look after the family on her own. Jefrina also has a younger brother who is studying at college.

After her graduation Jefrina immediately joined the Vocational Training Course provided by the HELP Trust.
Jefrina had been taught in Tamil throughout her education so she she had a real desire to learn english. Such was her eagerness to learn, Jefrina used to carry around an English work book with her and surfed the internet for reading inspiration.

Jefrina is a conciencious, hard working and punctual individual which paid dividends when she applied for her first job with Max Fashion. Now, earning a good salary, Jefrina has blossomed into a confident young woman who is able to be independent and wants to help to reduce her mother’s burden and help with the family.