A while ago, if someone had dared saying we were not going to win the battle we have started with our Evening School, we would have probably turned our backs and moved forward, which, in fact, we did. We fought the poverty, the illiteracy, the corruption, and natural disasters; even during those many times we had no support. Looking back, we realize that our efforts were not in vain, that we are a part of the success story: an Evening School success.

Saravanan is perhaps our great achievement. Like all the other children, when he first came to the Evening School, he lacked resources, starting with education, money, etc. Nonetheless, through an assiduous effort, Saravanan is now likely to become the first Engineer from the village. L. Siva Saravanan, at 16 years, has had great performance in school and is now going to pursue his studies in the University College of Engineering, Nagarcoil.

Saravanan is a fighter. He presents us with a belief in ones own capabilities. Fighting all odds not only has he secured himself a seat in the reputed engineering college but has also managed to bag a scholarship to cover his entire education expense.

All of us at HELP Trust are very proud of him and wish him a successful journey ahead!